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CBD beauty products a natural choice

CBD comes from the hemp plant and is used today in many different products – including cosmetics. But why this ingredient? And what properties is it said to have? Learn more here.

For millennia, hemp has been used for clothing and textiles, but today oil and extracts from the plant are also used for much more than that. Here are 10 brands that all produce beauty products with CBD – from shampoo to skin care such as creams, oils and serums.

Joy of life and balance

In just a few years, Raw Organics has become a leading producer of organic CBD creams, oils and capsules.

In production, the brand focuses on high quality and environmental friendliness, just as part of the profit also goes to sustainable projects.

With a service-oriented approach beyond the usual meetings Raw Organics all customers at eye level, and you always get a quick response, whether by email or phone. If you order your CBD from Raw Organics, you will have it the next day - and there is also free shipping throughout Denmark.

A better life - with stands for quality, honesty and credibility. On their webshop you will find a selection of products that have all been developed with the aim of helping people to a better everyday life.

Cannabis products can have a positive effect on a wide range of problems and ailments.

One of the brand's best-selling products is 83% CBD. Cannabis Nordjylland also negotiates PSORIASIS SHAMPOO that cares, normalizes and stabilizes the scalp for healthier and more beautiful hair.

Cannabis Nordjylland emphasizes effect!

Organic and vegan with concentrated CBD that creates visible results

HEMPHILIA's Extended Relief Cream with CBD and hemp oil was nominated for the Danish Beauty Award last year and is already achieving cult status in Denmark. The cream's antibacterial and regenerating properties help impure skin and problem skin.

HEMPHILIA's anti-aging and moisture series have also become very popular. One of the reasons for the success is that they extract their own CBD oil. The purity and concentration of the oil, in combination with supporting ingredients such as beta-glucan carboxylate and hyaluronic acid, make their products very effective. The results show up in more resilient, moisture-saturated and shiny skin.

The series is also both certified organic and vegan.

Natural CBD care products for every skin type offers a large selection of delicious skin care products with CBD and hemp content.

Their Nourishing Face Cream has, not without reason, become a bestseller among women and men of all ages. The cream has been added with a generous 500 mg of pure CBD extract, which strengthens the skin's antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. In other words, it can both counteract signs of aging and take up the fight against impure skin.

At you can discover the skin care series: CBD Skin Care, CBD Sport and Hemp Skin Care. All Greenstock skin care products are gluten-free, vegan and cruelty-free.

CBD skin care from Scandic Oil

Scandic Oil develops unique skin care products with CBD extracts of the highest quality.

Their CBD oil is extracted from 100% natural full-spectrum hemp extract, which means that the brand today has some of the best skin care products with CBD oil on it the market.

Scandic Oils skin care products are developed with carefully selected natural ingredients that ensure that you can enjoy organic green well-being from head to toe every day.

Meet Europe's leading CBD brand

Nordic Oil is one of Europe's leading CBD brands, committed to providing CBD of the absolute highest quality to customers worldwide. They ensure this by using 100% organic and certified hemp, as well as by collaborating with independent third-party laboratories throughout Europe that thoroughly inspect the content of their products.

With Nordic Oil goes hand in hand with high quality and good service. With more than 3 years of experience within CBD, they have built up the knowledge and expertise needed to provide the best possible customer service.

The company established the sister brand in 2019 Nordic Cosmetics, which offers high-quality skin care products with CBD. By bringing CBD's anti-inflammatory properties into people's skin care routines, Nordic Cosmetics has a clear vision to make women feel comfortable in their own skin.

Developed by experienced experts

naturecell cbd skin care

Naturecell Denmark is proof that you get the furthest with honesty. The series has been developed by some of the Danish cannabis industry's most experienced experts - and in close dialogue with the authorities - based on a desire to make a 100% legal and effective CBD product of the highest quality. In 2019, the series was approved as the first skin care series for sale in Denmark.

NatureCell consists of nine products based on organic ingredients that are formulated to ensure the best possible use of CBD's properties for all skin types.

For example, NatureCells contains day cream 250mg CBD, which together with aloe vera, shea butter and cucumber extract soothes and stimulates the skin's natural cell formation.

Natural products that your skin will love you for

"A cream can never be better than the raw materials it is made from."

This is the manifesto that Leonhard Denmark works from every day. The Danish brand is known for producing mild, handmade natural products that have a positive effect on various skin challenges.

Leonhard Denmark does not use unnecessary additives in their products, just as they focus on always using good, natural ingredients - for both color and fragrance.

What started in the family's own kitchen more than 10 years ago has since grown so large that the brand today produces their Shampoo , Care cream and Repair cream from our own production premises in North Jutland.


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