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It is the female hemp plants that contain the potent substance cannabidol or CBD, as it is abbreviated. PR photo: Møllerup Gods

What CBD does for your skin

A thousand thanks for the great interest yesterday, the day before and not least here. Without being a miracle ingredient, CBD is promising. In Børsen on Friday, dermatologist Peter Bjerring and producer Allan Gamborg respectively said something like this:

"The skin is full of receptors - so-called cannabinoid receptors - which can capture the hemp plant's active substances and provide benefits that make CBD obvious in skin care, not least in view of e.g. acne and rosacea. Many feel challenged by inflammation, which manifests itself as either redness or irritation, and there are many indications that there is help to be had.” PETER BJERRING

When it comes to what quantity (as Bjerring calls for, among other things) that is needed to get the mentioned benefits, producer Allan Gamborg from Danish NatureCell says:

"It is difficult to say anything concrete about the amount, but we have achieved a good effect by having 300 mg in a 50 ml cream, but only 30 mg in our cleansing product, which does not remain on the skin. Finally, we are developing an ointment with 1,500 mg in it, the price of which will be over DKK 2,000.”

More investigations and studies are on the way, which will make us even more knowledgeable about CBD in relation to the skin. I will spend the waiting time leaning on the fact that seriously more calmness on the skin together with a well-functioning skin barrier not only paves the way for more glow, but is the entire prerequisite for it.

GET THE TIP: Something suggests that it is a good idea to lean towards the crowd. For example, I have a small 10 ml roll-on fragrance with CBD bought in the USA. It claims to be calming with a relatively high CBD content of 50mg. in just 10 ml. Be aware that it is roughly the same amount you find in Nature Cell's (much larger) cleaning product, where the level is deliberately low and only appears so that the cleaning product can claim CBD. In other words: the amount can be an indicator of possible greenwashing when checking out manufacturers. Not everyone chooses to be as transparent as, for example, NatureCell when asking about the levels.

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