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A day in Lizbeth's skincare routine: How I achieve radiant skin with NatureCell

Hello lovely readers,

My name is Lizbeth and I am the co-founder of NatureCell. I am 53 years old and although I cannot avoid the natural signs of aging such as wrinkles and spots, I have never had better skin balance. Our products don't remove everything and don't give skin like a 20-year-old, but they have helped me even out my skin and significantly reduce dryness, even at my age.

Let me share my daily skincare routine with you so you can see how I use our amazing NatureCell products and hopefully be inspired to try them yourself.

Morning routine:

  1. CBG Eye gel : I apply our specially formulated CBG eye cream, which I also apply to my nose for extra care.
  2. Hyaluronic Acid Serum : Every other day I start by applying Hyaluronic Acid Serum to maintain the moisture in my skin.
  3. CBD 1000 mg Oil : Then I apply CBD 1000 mg oil and let it penetrate well into the skin.
  4. Day cream : After the oil, I apply our day cream, which is always also put on my neck. It is important to remember the neck!
  5. Sun protection : Our products do not contain sun protection, as we avoid chemicals. When I'm in strong sun, I apply factor 30-50 to my face.
  6. Makeup : I don't wear a lot of makeup, but apply it after my skin care has penetrated.

My recommendation for a good starter package: Complete Package .

Evening routine:

  1. Eye makeup remover : I start by removing my mascara.
  2. Facial cleanser : I use our facial cleanser – 1-2 pumps in wet hands, wash face and dry with a towel.
  3. CBD 1000 mg Oil : I always apply CBD 1000 mg oil in the evening.
  4. Night cream : Then I use our night cream, full of caring ingredients.
  5. CBG Eye gel : I apply our specially formulated CBG eye cream, which I also apply to my nose for extra care.

Extra care:

  • Body Lotion : I apply body lotion to arms, legs and chest.
  • Hand cream : I always have hand cream in my bag and one in the car. It is a regular habit of mine to put hand cream on when I get in the car.
  • Foot Cream : I use our CBD foot cream on my husband's feet as it is great for dry feet.
  • CBD and Hand cream : I take a few drops of CBD oil in the evening, together with the hand cream, before I go to bed.

Our products are made with the best caring ingredients, without chemicals or artificial perfumes. They are organic, but due to the content of CBD, they cannot obtain the organic label. I have been involved in the entire development process and set high demands on our specialists and experts, which has resulted in our success.

If you have any questions about my skin care routine or how to best care for your skin, you are always welcome to write or call. We are a Danish company, and our webshop is e-branded, so you can safely shop with us.

Best regards,

Lizbeth Co-founder of NatureCell

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