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More young people go to beauticians

More young people go to a beautician - nice skin increases self-esteem

An increasing number of young people are getting help with impure skin from beauticians, and it is no longer a taboo. For 15-year-old Aske from Låsby, cleaner skin gave her self-esteem a boost.

Approximately 80 percent of all teenagers suffer to some extent with either acne or pimples, and in recent years young people have increasingly begun to get professional help for their skin problems. There has been a positive development where it has become less taboo to have skin problems.

- It has become more common to have the skin treated, and for many young people it is not much different from going to the hairdresser. In the past, many thought it was embarrassing, but today it is natural, and the young people take it very seriously and do what they can to get rid of the embarrassment, says Helle Bach, who is chairperson of the Danish Cosmetologist Association.

Nice skin increased self-esteem

15-year-old Aske Lynggaard plays the drums and goes to football, and he feels good about himself. Previously, he suffered from skin problems, which also characterized his everyday life and for which he received beautician treatment.

- Around the age of 11-12 I started getting a lot of pimples, red dots and blackheads. I went to the beautician about once a month to have my skin cleaned, but the impurities kept coming back, says Aske Lynggaard, who after a few years at the beautician found the remedy for the skin problems himself.

He got a recommendation from one of his father's acquaintances to try a cleansing gel and cream from Danish NatureCell, which contains the cannabis plant's non-euphoric substance CBD , which can naturally activate the skin's receptors and thereby help regulate the skin's functions and reactions, and it came to make a big difference.

- After using the cream for a month, the impurities became much smaller, and today I no longer need to go to a beautician. It has been great to see that it has improved, and it has made me feel better about myself, says Aske Lynggaard, and elaborates:

- I believe in myself more, and it has become easier for me to talk to new people. I've started to do more of myself and also do fitness, which I wouldn't have dared to do before because it was awkward for me to put myself out there, but with more self-esteem it's no longer a problem for me.

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