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Know us by the green color: also on the journey home to you!

When you start your journey with us, you will not only experience that the ingredients come from a green miracle plant, labels have green nuances, but we have also made conscious choices on the way to you as a customer.

Our shipping boxes are created with consideration for the environment and your satisfaction, and not least your experience when you open a beautifully wrapped product.

We buy our boxes from Jakodan , a Danish packaging supplier. One of the reasons why we have chosen Jakodan as our supplier is because of their exceptional customer service and focus on the environment! 

Our mailboxes are made from strong corrugated paper that is FSC® certified.

We try to ship most items in the green box. The green color on the boxes is an environmentally approved water-based printing ink.

The FSC® certification ensures that the paper comes from forest areas where no more wood is felled than the forest can naturally reproduce. At the same time, it is also a guarantee that the biological diversity of the forest and the people who work in the forest are taken into account. This includes training, safety equipment and fair wages.

Jakodan helps its customers make conscious choices to minimize their environmental impact, and that is exactly why we have chosen to work with them on our shipping boxes and packaging.

We want to ensure that our shipping crates not only protect your goods, but also our planet. 

We are working to include that mindset in everything we do, and the next thing we will do is look at opportunities to improve our product packaging.

Thank you for supporting NatureCell, a Danish entrepreneurial company.


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