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★★★★★ NatureCell , CBD Oil 1000 mg - 30 ml, DKK 699,

I belong to the generation where, as children, we were sent out into the sun with sunscreen applied. So no protection, and that was just the way it was done. As a 56-year-old, I can easily spot pigment spots on my face. It's not violent, but they are there.
Now new research indicates that CBD from the hemp plant can help against a wide range of skin problems - including acne and pigment spots. At the same time, CBD has a number of benefits for the skin, from itch-relieving effects to being anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving. And then CBD is completely legal.

Soft skin
The flower of the hemp plant has a high concentration of the plant's active substances - so-called cannabinoids. The flower contains both THC, which is euphoric and is not allowed to be used, and CBD , which - as mentioned - is allowed to be used in cosmetics.
Danish NatureCell develops and produces skin care products with CBD , including an oil.
We all know that Rome was not built in a day. I have only used the oil for a week, so no great miracles have happened, but I experience very soft skin afterwards, as the oil adds moisture.

Self indulgence
I use it morning and night under my day and night cream. It can also be mixed into a body lotion. The oil is hard to use, which is good, as the price is on the high end. It has a faint herbal and citrus scent which is quite lovely. It feels like a good self-indulgence - and we can't get too much of that, I guess.
I give the product four out of five possible stars.


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