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Study: CBD shows a positive effect on anxiety and sleep problems.

In recent times, interest in CBD as a treatment for various health conditions has seen a significant increase. Despite many personal success stories, there has been a lack of in-depth clinical studies in psychiatry. Therefore, a recent study has taken the step to explore CBD's impact on specifically anxiety and sleep problems.

Can CBD help with anxiety?

The study found that about 80% of participants reported lower anxiety levels after one month of using CBD, as measured by the Hamilton Anxiety Rating Scale. CBD's effect on the endocannabinoid system and serotonin receptors in the body may be the cause of this anxiety-reducing effect, which is reminiscent of how certain antidepressants work. In addition, CBD's ability to promote the formation of new neurons may contribute to the improvement of anxiety symptoms.

Can CBD help with sleep problems?

The research also showed that 66.7% of the participants experienced improved sleep after one month - measured through the recognized Pittsburg Sleep Quality Index. CBD can potentially improve sleep by reducing anxiety and stress, which are often major disruptors of sleep. It is believed that CBD's calming effect on the central nervous system can help promote a more relaxed state, making it easier to fall asleep and maintain undisturbed sleep.

Are there any side effects of using CBD?

In terms of side effects, the study reported that CBD was generally well tolerated among participants, with only a few side effects reported, such as increased fatigue in a few (3) patients. This suggests that CBD may be a safe and natural option for some people, but it is important to consult a health professional before starting any new treatment.


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