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The way to beautiful, well-groomed feet

Here you will get tips and advice to get rid of dry and cracked feet

Do you fear bare feet

Are you the one who dreads spring and summer because you are ashamed of unkempt feet and uncomfortable at the thought of sandals?'

Then CBD foot cream might be a solution for you.

In just a few weeks, with an easy and simple effort, you can get rid of dry, cracked feet and get rid of foot pain at the same time. Many people who have feet so dry that they crack often also suffer from pain in their feet.

You need to start now, so that you can face the summer with joy and bare feet in the grass.

Your body recognizes CBD

At NatureCell, we have developed a very special foot cream that contains CBD.

CBD is extracted from the hemp plant and is an active substance that can activate the receptors in your body. You can therefore say that CBD communicates with your cells.

This means that your body recognizes the substance when it comes on your skin. Your skin receptors open up and receive all the natural caring and organic ingredients we have added to the cream. Your skin therefore gets extra help to get rid of dry and dull skin.

In addition to the wonder drug CBD, the other ingredients have active effects on your skin.

The cream contains carbamide, which reduces hard skin, and thistle oil with omega-6, which stimulates the production of new skin cells. Aloe vera soothes your skin and shea butter with vitamin E, which protects and softens intensively.

Menthol and eucalyptus have a cooling effect and give a pleasant and refreshing scent.

These are all ingredients that help your feet become soft in a few weeks and return to normal balance despite the many daily steps.

First step towards soft and healthy feet: Oil your feet every night

Oil your feet every night before going to bed. You can wear a cotton sock overnight if you want, but it's not necessary as the cream absorbs quite quickly and is non-greasy.

Maybe you have a sweet spouse or boyfriend who will pamper you every night by oiling your feet before you go to sleep.

Your feet require intensive moisture care

If your feet are very dry and exposed, also lubricate them in the morning after bathing.

Remove dead skin cells

When you start using NatureCell CBD cream, your cells will be renewed and you will notice that your skin sheds the dead skin cells.

It is therefore recommended that you take a foot bath once in a while, so that the dead skin cells are removed.

If you don't have time for a foot bath, make sure to scrape away dead skin cells with a coarse sponge, a light foot file or a washcloth every time you shower.

How quickly does CBD foot cream work on my feet?

Depending on the starting point, many of our customers achieve results after a few weeks of following the above plan.

We love to see your results

We wish you a wonderful summer and good fun. We also love to see how you use our products, so feel free to tag us on Facebook and Instagram or send us your before and after photos.


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