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12 Years of Severe Eczema: How NatureCells CBD Hand Cream Changed Johanna's Life

12 Years of Severe Eczema: How NatureCells CBD Hand Cream Changed John's Skin

For many parents, it can be heartbreaking to see their child struggle with severe eczema. But for Anne Schmidt and her daughter Johanne, who also have challenges due to a disability, it seemed almost impossible to find an effective solution—until they discovered our skin care products.

The struggle and the hope

Johanne had struggled with severe eczema for more than a decade, a condition that left her skin itchy and irritated. Anne, determined to alleviate her daughter's discomfort, contacted us for help after closely following our product development.

In her first inquiry on 28 May 2023, Anne wrote: "I have been following the delicious creams you sell for a long time. Johanne has very bad childhood eczema, and we can't get rid of it at all.... Can your cream be used for children.. and should it be combined with drops?"

We assured Anne that our creams are safe for children as they are free of harmful substances and contain CBD, which is an approved natural skin care ingredient extracted from the hemp plant. Since our products are for skin care and not medicinal, we cannot guarantee a specific effect, but we recommend trying them to experience potential benefits.

A remarkable transformation

Optimistically, Anne decided to try our products. On July 1, 2023, she was thrilled to report a marked improvement: "Promised you a feedback. It's nothing short of amazing….Johanna's eczema is gone. A huge THANK YOU FROM HERE."

This feedback was followed by an overwhelmingly positive review on Trustpilot on 8 September 2023, where Anne gave us 5 stars and wrote:

"Dear two of you who have invented this absolutely fantastic cream. Over the past 12 years, we have had a big battle with bad childhood eczema in our daughter, who is also challenged by being disabled, and sucks her hands a lot, and thereby becomes her eczema was very sore and swollen. I contacted you at one point, Lizbeth, when I read about your product on Facebook. We were guided very well, bought your body lotion, oil and hand cream, and after a very short time could you can see a big change, and after 3 weeks her eczema was mostly gone and her skin is soft again, which we haven't seen in almost 12 years.We use the hand cream all over the body, apply twice a day, and we keep going. . A HUGE THANK YOU❤️ I never thought it would become a reality that our daughter would get rid of eczema and have such delicious and soft skin. THANK YOU AGAIN Kind regards from Anne"

This testimony not only emphasizes the effectiveness of our products, but also the profound impact they can have on the quality of life of those suffering from skin challenges.

Try it yourself and experience the difference

Are you or someone you know also suffering from skin problems such as itching, redness or dry hands? Johanne and Anne's story shows that there is hope. Our hand cream, which is suitable for both children and adults, can be the solution to your skin challenges. Enriched with natural high-quality ingredients, including CBD from the hemp plant, this cream is designed to nourish, repair and moisturize even the most sensitive and delicate skin types.

Try our hand cream here and start your journey towards softer skin. Whether you struggle with skin problems or experience dryness, our products are designed to nourish and improve the quality of your skin.

NatureCell products work in concert with your skin receptors to help restore balance in your skin.

Do you need advice on which product is best for you? Write or call us - we are ready to help you!

Pictures and blog posts are published with permission from Anne Schmidt.

Disclaimer: Our products are natural skin care, not medicine. Individual results may vary and we do not guarantee the same effect as described in the customer story. Do not use our products as a substitute for medical treatment. Always consult a healthcare professional with health-related concerns.


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