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From eczema to soft hands: My experience with CBD-NatureCell hand cream

Kis Laursen suffers from hand eczema with a lot of dryness and itching, and she also experiences reactions to contact with water, soap, flour, dust and much more. She has had atopic eczema since childhood, also called childhood eczema, and before it was all over her body, but now she "only" has eczema on her hands.

The dry skin on her hands with white scales affects her psychologically and she finds it embarrassing to go around and greet people when her hands are either completely dry and with a scratchy surface or greasy with cream when they are just smeared in fat cream. Although she knows she shouldn't be "ashamed" of it, she doesn't know where the feeling comes from - but it's there. She has always wanted "soft hands".

Her hands can itch a lot and it can take away her concentration when she is working and it can take her attention away from what she is doing. She cannot tolerate "foam soap", which is found in many public places - hotels and ferries, so she must always remember to bring a little hand soap.

It also means something when she wants to "ae" her children and the touch is not pleasant for them because her hands are like sandpaper or greasy from the cream - neither of which is a pleasant sensory experience for the children.

Kis has tried everything, from alternative treatments to expensive creams, and medically she has also tried everything - tar baths, red baths, medical pill treatment. She herself opted out of pill treatment via a dermatologist because she thinks the side effects were too great.

It has been many years since she tried anything other than her creams from the pharmacy, including hormone cream. She hasn't changed her base cream in 10 years.

Kis became aware of NatureCell when she met Lizbeth in her network, and her talk about NatureCell and their processes gave Kis the courage to try it.

She tried NatureCell because her current treatment was not optimal and she still had very dry and itchy skin. At that time it was breaking out quite a lot, and she had itching at night, cracks in the palms and fingers - very dry and irritated skin, although she used the preparations that she has used for many years.

Kis had many misgivings about switching to and testing a new product, and she was especially nervous about a worsening because she couldn't bear to try any more.

Kis decided to try NatureCell anyway, and she started using the products in March 2023. After only two weeks, she could already feel a difference. Her hands were no longer so dry and itchy, and she no longer needed to apply cream all the time. After four weeks, her eczema flare-ups were almost gone, and she was very pleasantly surprised by her soft skin on her hands.

Kis is now a regular user of NatureCell and she is very satisfied with the products. She doesn't need to oil her hands as often anymore. And today she only uses the hand cream from NatureCell. She finds the products easy to use and has not experienced any side effects.

Kis is also very happy about the personal contact she has had with NatureCell. She has had several conversations with Lizbeth, who has helped her find the products that work best for her. She thinks that NatureCell has a very professional approach to the products, and she can clearly recommend the products to others who suffer from hand eczema or other types of eczema or problem skin in general, or just to look after and care for their skin.

For Kis, NatureCell has been a game changer. Her eczema is now under control and she can finally enjoy having soft hands.

Disclaimer: Our products are natural skin care, not medicine. Individual results may vary and we do not guarantee the same effect as described in the customer story. Do not use our products as a substitute for medical treatment. Always consult a healthcare professional with health-related concerns


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