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"From ugly to beautiful heels: How CBD cream transformed Heidi's heels"

I have always suffered from dry heels. Went to podiatry and it helps for a few days - but then it's back. I like walking around in bare toes, but when they're a little dry and cracked, they can hurt and often get worse, and I end up picking at the broken skin, only making the problem worse.

My husband Jens met Lizbeth from NatureCell for training and they got to talking about CBD creams and what they can do for the skin. Jens exclaimed "can they help my wife's ugly heels? Then I promise to grease them every day!”

Lizbeth promised that the CBD cream would help, and Jens immediately bought NatureCell CBD foot cream and started applying it to my feet every night. He took this photo of my feet before we started the cream.

My husband Jens lubricated my feet every night before we went to bed. I find that the cream penetrates easily and I can feel how my feet are softer in the morning without being greasy. It is a pleasant experience to feel the cream. I haven't done much other than oiling my feet at night and following this routine, which I will continue to do.

I haven't been embarrassed by my heels, but I think it's great that they've gotten so nice now. I have never had better feet than now, and I relish the thought of going into summer with soft, bare feet.

When I asked about what special property CBD has, I was completely unaware of how it worked - that there is the special property that CBD communicates with the cells in the skin, so that the skin receptors absorb all the good ingredients that are in CBD - the foot cream.

It has been very effective and worked for me, and already after a week we could see a difference in my heels. In just 14 days I achieved visible results, and now I have the most beautiful feet I have ever had - without having to go to a podiatrist.

Heidi Overgaard can warmly recommend getting started with CBD foot cream from NatureCell.

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