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From redness to peace: Mille's experiences with NatureCell skin care

I have very good experience using the products I have tried from NatureCell.

Unfortunately, I haven't had any before and after pictures taken, so I can't document my good results that way.

My history: I am 60 years old and for about 10 years have had e.g. diamond grinding operations by a beautician. It has very successfully removed my pigment changes as well as my acne scars. At the same time, I have had very good experience using the products that I bought through my therapist / beautician, so I have been treating my skin with good products for many years.

But anyway - About 1½ years ago I started having peeling skin and redness on my chin and nose (especially at the bridge of my nose). The skin peeled off in flakes, as if I had had too much sun. Also got a lot of small white "pimples and blackheads" in the same places (I'm 60 years old).

My beautician and I couldn't really get over that.

The doctor said it was probably perioral dermatitis. I was given some cream which I didn't really get around to using as it would probably worsen the skin condition for a while (know I should have given it a go……).

The dermatologist also said about 5 years ago that I have a mild degree of rosacea. The cream I was given at the time also seemed to make it worse.

By chance I got in touch with Lizbeth and Nature Cell in autumn 2023.

In November 2023 I started using the CBD skin oil 1000 mg morning and night (along with my usual products from my beautician). After about a month of use, my skin calmed down more and more. There may still occasionally be minor outbreaks - but mostly only around the bridge of the nose - and not nearly as constant as before. Regardless of whether it is shooting the oil or the CBD content in the oil, as an added plus my skin also became softer.

When I first had my face waxed in January, for the first time my skin did not turn red, as it usually does for a few hours after waxing. My beautician could clearly see that my female was much more balanced.

My 30-year-old daughter uses day and night cream and body lotion from the brand Falk from NatureCell. She also experiences an improvement in her skin with more calmness and balance in relation to impurities and redness (she has also been treated by a beautician with good results). She has had problems with rashes/mushroom-like spots on her back due to sweat/heat. When she uses body lotion from Falk it improves considerably. She has also been given products via a doctor, which have only helped for periods of time, and which she does not have to use permanently.

My husband has something called an "old man's wart" on his scalp. We put the CBD skin oil 1000 mg on the wart once a day, and after about 1 month it had become much smaller. When we did not get the oil on the wart for a period of 14 days, it started to get bigger again. So we definitely just have to keep going until it's completely gone. However, my thought is that I will try to buy one of the CBD oils and try it for this instead of the skin oil, to see if it can work faster and even better.

NatureCell products - especially CBD skin oil and CBD oil - will definitely have a place in our homes in the future.

Written by Mille Wittendorff, March 2024


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