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Mette "My sister and I got radiant skin and got rid of dark circles"

Hi, my name is Mette and I am 39 years old with a little daughter of just over a year.

I have been using NatureCell's products for almost two years, mainly to care for my skin and prevent wrinkles. What I have experienced since I started using the products is a significantly even skin tone and a significant reduction in dark circles under my eyes - a blessing for those of us with small children who sleep little at night.

My family has also been using the products and the amazing thing is that my sister and I have both avoided problems with blemish skin after we started using them.

NatureCell is Danish, and their webshop is e-branded, so you can safely shop here. We are convinced that it is the unique ingredients in the products that make the big difference to our skin, which is why we give the products our warmest recommendations.

Have a nice day.

Warmest recommendations,
Mette Vendelbo, 39, lawyer, Skanderborg

Mette uses the following NatureCell products in her facial care routine:

  1. Anti Aging Day Cream: Filled with natural and caring ingredients for the day. CBD calms the skin and thus stimulates natural healing. It effectively helps to reduce and prevent wrinkles.

  2. Night Creme: Filled with CBD and vitamins, including vitamins A, B and C as well as Ginkgo biloba, which counteracts the formation of wrinkles. It is restorative and contributes to the reduction of dark circles and bags under the eyes.

  3. Multi Serum (Barrier Cream): Protective multi serum that, in addition to CBD (cannabis), effectively cares for and heals the skin. The serum contains several active ingredients and acts as a protective and multifunctional skin care for dry and damaged skin on the face, lips and body.

  4. 1000 mg CBD skin oil: Mette applies the oil as the first layer under day cream/night cream and multiserum. It adds a high CBD boost so that the skin is ready to absorb all the good natural ingredients.

  5. Gentle Cleansing Gel: Removes impurities and make-up residues in depth while replenishing the skin's moisture reserves. The CBD in this cleansing gel helps maintain the skin's balance, relieves dry skin and normalizes the skin's sebum production.


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