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Sun damage surgery cancelled: Mai-Britt's story about NatureCell CBD Skin care

“Hello Everyone, I'm Mai-Britt Funch and I want to share with you my incredible experience where NatureCell CBD products saved me from a potentially demanding facial surgery.

On 24/8-2023 I visited a dermatologist in Værløse due to sun damage on my nose. After a thorough examination, it became clear that the dermatologist thought it should be surgically removed. We scheduled it for November to get over the summer and because of its effect on my appearance.

But in early September, a random Facebook video from NatureCell changed everything for me.

The video was about NatureCell's CBD oil helping a person with sun damage.

Without hesitation, I ordered the Antiaging Day Cream, Multi Serum and the 1000 mg CBD oil from NatureCell.

As you know, it takes more than 3 months before you can assess the effect. When I returned to the dermatologist here in January - 4 months after starting the CBD products - I was met with some surprising news. There was no longer any evidence of sun damage and the operation was no longer necessary.

I have used the day cream and multi serum twice a day and at night I have also used the CBD oil to enhance the effect, only on the nose.

NatureCell's CBD products have been a big surprise for me. I am impressed with the effect CBD skin care has had.

I just bought the night cream and the cleansing gel which are also amazing. The products are quickly absorbed without greasiness, and they leave the skin soft and delicious.

I can highly recommend NatureCell's products to anyone who wants a natural and effective solution to their skin care needs. My experience speaks for itself and I am grateful to have found these amazing products that have made such a difference in my life. And I love that it's a Danish company and that it's natural products, because I've always been a supporter of solving challenges naturally.

Thank you for reading my story and I hope my experiences can help others discover the benefits of NatureCell's CBD products”

With Mai-Britt Funch

Mai-Britt uses the following products:

  1. NatureCell CBD Day Cream, Antiaging
  2. NatureCell CBD Multi Serum
  3. NatureCell CBD Oil (1000 mg)
  4. NatureCell CBD Night Cream
  5. NatureCell CBD Cleansing Gel

Disclaimer: Our products are natural skin care, not medicine. Individual results may vary and we do not guarantee the same effect as described in the customer story. Do not use our products as a substitute for medical treatment. Always consult a healthcare professional with health-related concerns.


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