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Wart-Nightmare: Andreas dreams of the same miracle that Medina experienced

Andreas, age 22, is facing a challenge that has plagued him for so long that he can't even remember when it started. Warts on both hands and feet have been a constant companion in his life. For years he has struggled with various methods to get rid of them, and despite persistent attempts by himself and his mother, the warts just keep popping up, often in new places and in greater numbers.

Andreas and his mother, who is from Skanderborg, have tried a wide range of treatments, from conventional remedies to more extreme methods such as acid and freezing. Despite their efforts, nothing seems to provide lasting relief, and the frustration has been overwhelming. At times they have even given up and just left the warts alone.

Recently, Andreas and his mother came across a customer case about NatureCell's CBD 15% oil , which has proven to help others with similar wart complaints. A small clearing appeared and the hope of finally getting rid of the warts grew. Motivated by the success of a 5-year-old girl named Medina , who became wart-free in just 8 weeks using the same product, Andreas decided to take the chance.

Andreas has now become a tester for NatureCell's CBD 15% oil, and he has kindly agreed that we follow his journey closely in the hope of inspiring and helping others in similar situations. With warts on both hands and feet, his situation is not unique and many can relate to the challenge of dealing with these pesky problems.

Over the next 8 weeks, we will share Andreas' experiences with NatureCells CBD 15% oil. We hope that his story will be a source of inspiration for those who suffer from warts and that it can open up the possibility of an effective and natural solution to this persistent problem.

Stay tuned to this page for updates on Andreas' journey, and to gain more insight into how NatureCell's CBD oil could potentially be the answer to years of warts. It is important to note that NatureCell cannot guarantee specific effects, as this is not a medicinal product, but a natural remedy.

NatureCell is a Danish company and the web shop is e-branded, which gives consumers confidence to shop on our site. All our products comply with Danish legislation and do not contain illegal substances.

We share this story in the hopes of inspiring, but with the understanding that individual results may vary.

Andreas uses this product:

15% CBD oil

20% CBD oil (after 3 weeks, Andreas has switched to 20%, as there are so many and he has chosen to also treat from the inside with 15%)


Development in Andreas's warts, using NatureCell CBD oil 15% and 20%

Picture before starting oil 29/3

This picture is before treatment with NatureCell CBD oil. Andreas showed NatureCell severe warts on his feet and hands. Voter he has struggled with for as long as he can remember.


Image 7/3

We received this picture after a week. Andreas lubricated his feet with the NatureCell CBD oil 15% every evening. He could already feel the CBD oil working in the skin.


Picture 17/3

Picture 23/3

After 3 weeks when the warts are lubricated with 15% CBD oil, there has been significant progress.


Picture 25/4

Andreas says "For the last 14 days I have been applying 20% ​​CBD oil and now there has been a big change, the warts are almost gone, I am really surprised at how the NatureCell CBD oil has worked, I am happy and did not believe it would work and not that fast at all"


The story is continuously updated...


Disclaimer: Our products are natural skin care, not medicine. Individual results may vary and we do not guarantee the same effect as described in the customer story. Do not use our products as a substitute for medical treatment. Always consult a healthcare professional with health-related concerns.






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